Flight duration from New York to Paris

This tool lets you calculate your flight duration time from the airports John F Kennedy Intl of New York and airport Charles De Gaulle of Paris. The flight time is approximate and is calculated according to the distance between the two airports. The flight hours may vary depending on the route of the aircraft or of any intermediate stops.

Airport of departure:
John F Kennedy Intl (JFK)
Departure city:
New York
Airport of arrival:
Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Arrival city:
Distance between New York and Paris:
5.834 Km
Estimated Flight time: *
7h 60m
Actual flight hours:
Air France AF7   =>   16h 40m
American Airlines AA120   =>   7h 45m
Delta Air Lines DL400   =>   16h 24m
XL Airways France SE11   =>   7h 15m
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* Approximate flight duration calculated considering an aircraft cruising at a speed of 800-900 km/h.