Flight XL Airways France SE19

XL Airways France SE19: info and flight status. The flight SE 19 connects the airport La Union of Puerto Plata and the airport Charles De Gaulle of Paris. The flight is operated by the airline XL Airways France (IATA code: SE, ICAO code: XLF). The distance between the two airports is about 7.146 Km and the flight time is about 9h 38m (the flight time is approximate, and may vary as a function of the air route and the type of aircraft used). For flights of some airlines (and to the main airports) you can also find real-time information on flight arrival or departure, info about delays or cancellations and the flight status.

XL Airways France SE 19
Flight code:
Airline code:
Flight number:
Airport of departure:
La Union (POP)
Departure city:
Puerto Plata
Airport of arrival:
Charles De Gaulle (CDG)
Arrival city:
Flight status:
Not available
Distance between Puerto Plata and Paris:
7.146 Km
Flight time from Puerto Plata to Paris:
9h 38m
Flights that carry the same route (also operated by other airlines):
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