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Air France
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Brest Brest Lesquin BES
Air France is an airline based in France, identified by IATA code AF, ICAO code AFR and callsign AIRFRANS. In this page you will find the destinations and all Air France flights. To find out which flights, with one or more stops, are operated from/to one or more airports, perform a search from the dashboard 'Flights'. The airports of departure, arrival and stopover are the following: Brest Lesquin (Brest), Charles De Gaulle (Paris), Marseille Provence Airport (Marseille), Orly (Paris). SkyToolBox does not sell airline tickets and does not offer booking services; it is a tool aimed at presenting information and data about flights and airlines worldwide. For fares and bookings, special offers and promotions (e.g. low cost flights, last minute fares, round trip deals, cheap flights), please refer to the official airline company website or to any online ticketing service. Please be aware that SkyToolBox processes data that is not updated in real time: it is advisable to check the status of the flights on the airline's official website.

Flight no. 1
Departure airport: Brest Lesquin Brest (France)
Arrival airport: Charles De Gaulle Paris (France)
Flight codes:

Flight no. 2
Departure airport: Brest Lesquin Brest (France)
Arrival airport: Marseille Provence Airport Marseille (France)
Flight codes:

Flight no. 3
Departure airport: Brest Lesquin Brest (France)
Arrival airport: Orly Paris (France)