Airport profile: V. C. Bird Intl

V. C. Bird Intl is an airport located in Antigua And Barbuda and identified by the IATA code ANU and the ICAO code TAPA. The airport is involved in 96 fights covering 50 routes, of which 2 routes directed toward national destinations and 48 toward international destinations. The total number of airports connected by direct flights to the airport V. C. Bird Intl is about 28. The routes from the airport are about 25 and the most frequent are directed to the following cities: Basseterre, St. Kitts Island, Toronto, Philipsburg, St. Maarten, London, Bridgetown, St Barthelemy, Charlotte, San Juan, St. Georges, Atlanta, GA, St Lucia, Gerald's Park, Coco Beach, New York, Anguilla. The best-served countries by flights departing from the airport are: Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, Netherlands Antilles, Barbados, Canada, Dominica, United Kingdom, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Jamaica. The major airlines companies that operate at the airport are: LIAT, British Airways, Caribbean Airlines, Montserrat Airways, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airways, Tradewind Aviation, Insel Air. The longest flight departing from V. C. Bird Intl connects it to the airport London Gatwick (London), 6562 km away, while the shortest flight connects it to Barbuda (Barbuda), 51 km away. Next you will find some tables showing the most significant data about the airport, among which flight status (in certain cases even real-time departure / arrival information), airport map, information about parking and hotels near the airport, solutions for airport transfers (train, bus, tube, taxi, shuttle, underground). In the table "Airline Companies", click on the icons to discover all inbound and outbound flights from V. C. Bird Intl or use the search form to discover all flights departing or arriving to the airport.

V. C. Bird Intl
IATA Code:
ICAO Code:
St. John's
Antigua And Barbuda
Wikipedia page of V. C. Bird Intl:
Flights (ANU):
96 (arrivals: 48, departures: 48)
Routes (ANU):
50 (arrivals: 25, departures: 25)
Domestic routes:
2 (arrivals: 1, departures: 1)
International routes:
48 (arrivals: 24, departures: 24)
Other airports near St. John's (ANU):
Barbuda [BBQ] (51 Km), Gerald's Airport [MNI] (57 Km), Newcastle [NEV] (84 Km), Robert L Bradshaw International [SKB] (100 Km), Le Raizet [PTP] (100 Km), F D Roosevelt [EUX] (130 Km), St Barthelemy [SBH] (136 Km), J. Yrausquin [SAB] (170 Km), Princess Juliana International [SXM] (171 Km), Esperance [SFG] (173 Km)

Map of St. John's (ANU) airport:

Major cities near St. John's (ANU):
Saint John’s (6 Km), Brades (58 Km), Plymouth (65 Km), Sainte-Rose (89 Km), Baie-Mahault (99 Km), Basseterre (100 Km), Les Abymes (100 Km), Le Moule (101 Km), Pointe-à-Pitre (103 Km), Petit-Bourg (107 Km), Le Gosier (108 Km), Sainte-Anne (110 Km), Capesterre-Belle-Eau (123 Km), Basse-Terre (126 Km), Gustavia (140 Km), Philipsburg (165 Km), Marigot (171 Km), The Valley (179 Km), Roseau (208 Km), Sainte-Marie (275 Km), Petite Rivière Salée (279 Km), La Trinité (280 Km), Saint-Joseph (285 Km), Le Robert (288 Km), Fort-de-France (291 Km), Le Lamentin (293 Km), Le François (295 Km), Ducos (297 Km), Saint Croix (320 Km), Tortola (330 Km), Road Town (331 Km), Charlotte Amalie (358 Km), Castries (359 Km), Fajardo (429 Km), Humacao (441 Km), Kingstown Park (446 Km), Kingstown (446 Km), Carolina (461 Km), Trujillo Alto (466 Km), Caguas (466 Km), Guayama (467 Km), Cayey (475 Km), Guaynabo (476 Km), San Juan (479 Km), Cataño (480 Km), Bayamón (482 Km), Levittown (486 Km), Candelaria (488 Km), Bridgetown (505 Km), Vega Baja (507 Km), Manatí (517 Km), Ponce (519 Km), Barceloneta (522 Km), Adjuntas (534 Km), Arecibo (541 Km), Yauco (545 Km), Saint George's (564 Km), Mayagüez (578 Km), Aguadilla (585 Km), Scarborough (671 Km), Juan Griego (712 Km), La Asunción (714 Km), Punta Cana (717 Km), Port-of-Spain (719 Km), Porlamar (721 Km), Laventille (721 Km), Paradise (722 Km), Tunapuna (724 Km), Arima (724 Km), Güiria (730 Km), Sangre Grande (731 Km), Carúpano (736 Km), Chaguanas (736 Km), Salvaleón de Higüey (749 Km), Marabella (760 Km), San Fernando (762 Km), Rio Claro (762 Km), Mon Repos (762 Km), Point Fortin (772 Km), La Romana (773 Km)

Major airlines operating at ANU

  • LIAT
    Arrivals  Departures
  • British Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Caribbean Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Montserrat Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • American Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Tradewind Aviation
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Insel Air
    Arrivals  Departures
  • St. Barth Commuter
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Air Canada
    Arrivals  Departures
  • US Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Winair
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Delta Air Lines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Heli Air Monaco
    Arrivals  Departures
  • United Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • WestJet
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Coastal Travels
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Ceiba Intercontinental
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Falcon Air Express
    Arrivals  Departures
  • East Star Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures

ANU: best linked countries

  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Anguilla
  • Netherlands Antilles
  • Barbados
  • Canada
  • Dominica
  • United Kingdom
  • Grenada
  • Guadeloupe
  • Jamaica

ANU: best linked cities

  • Basseterre, St. Kitts Island
  • Toronto
  • Philipsburg, St. Maarten
  • London
  • Bridgetown
  • St Barthelemy
  • Charlotte
  • San Juan
  • St. Georges
  • Atlanta, GA