Airport profile: Luxor

Luxor is an airport located in Egypt and identified by the IATA code LXR and the ICAO code HELX. The airport is involved in 76 fights covering 26 routes, of which 4 routes directed toward national destinations and 22 toward international destinations. The total number of airports connected by direct flights to the airport Luxor is about 14. The routes from the airport are about 13 and the most frequent are directed to the following cities: London, Jeddah, Kuwait City, Cairo, Paris, Manchester, Asmara, Doha, Riyadh, Antalya, Sharm El Sheikh, Beirut. The best-served countries by flights departing from the airport are: Egypt, Eritrea, France, United Kingdom, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey. The major airlines companies that operate at the airport are: EgyptAir, Flynas, Air Cairo, Monarch Airlines, Corendon Airlines, Qatar Airways, AlMasria Universal Airlines, Nesma Airlines. The longest flight departing from Luxor connects it to the airport Manchester (Manchester), 4218 km away, while the shortest flight connects it to Ophira International (Sharm El Sheikh), 305 km away. Next you will find some tables showing the most significant data about the airport, among which flight status (in certain cases even real-time departure / arrival information), airport map, information about parking and hotels near the airport, solutions for airport transfers (train, bus, tube, taxi, shuttle, underground). In the table "Airline Companies", click on the icons to discover all inbound and outbound flights from Luxor or use the search form to discover all flights departing or arriving to the airport.

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ICAO Code:
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Flights (LXR):
76 (arrivals: 38, departures: 38)
Routes (LXR):
26 (arrivals: 13, departures: 13)
Domestic routes:
4 (arrivals: 2, departures: 2)
International routes:
22 (arrivals: 11, departures: 11)
Other airports near Luxor (LXR):
Sohag International [HMB] (120 Km), Marsa Alam Intl [RMF] (189 Km), Aswan [ASW] (191 Km), Hurghada [HRG] (198 Km), Assiut [ATZ] (226 Km), Ophira International [SSH] (305 Km), Abu Simbel [ABS] (384 Km), Wedjh [EJH] (412 Km), King Hussein Intl [AQJ] (416 Km), Taba International [TCP] (479 Km)

Map of Luxor (LXR) airport:

Major cities near Luxor (LXR):
Luxor (6 Km), Kousa (26 Km), Isn? (45 Km), Qin? (53 Km), Dishn? (53 Km), Naj‘ ?amm?d? (61 Km), Farsh?? (67 Km), Idfu (80 Km), Al Balyan? (92 Km), Jirj? (108 Km), Al Mansh?h (125 Km), Kawm Umb? (136 Km), Akhm?m (136 Km), Sohag (139 Km), Juhaynah (162 Km), B?r Saf?jah (169 Km), ?ah?? (169 Km), Aswan (178 Km), Al Bad?r? (193 Km), Ab? T?j (204 Km), Hurghada (207 Km), Al Kh?rijah (217 Km), Asy?? (224 Km), Abn?b (234 Km), Manfal?? (249 Km), Al Q???yah (270 Km), Dayr?? (280 Km), Dayr Maw?s (285 Km), Mallaw? (293 Km), Ab? Qurq?? (310 Km), Al Miny? (331 Km), Duba (350 Km), Sam?l?? (352 Km), Ma??y (358 Km), Ban? Maz?r (365 Km), Al Wajh (380 Km), Al Fashn (391 Km), Sumus?? as Sul??n? (403 Km), Ban? Suwayf (408 Km), B?sh (415 Km), Al W?si?ah (432 Km), Ain Sukhna (436 Km), I?s? (437 Km), Al Fayy?m (442 Km), A? ?aff (453 Km), Ibshaw?y (454 Km), ??miyah (455 Km), Al ‘Ayy?? (459 Km), Umm Lajj (464 Km), Suez (477 Km), Al Baw??? (481 Km), ?alw?n (482 Km), Aqaba (483 Km), Eilat (484 Km), Mad?nat Sittah Ukt?bar (487 Km), Tab?k (487 Km), Al ?aw?mid?yah (489 Km), Al J?zah (502 Km), Cairo (507 Km), Aws?m (516 Km), Al Kh?nkah (519 Km), Qaly?b (520 Km), Al Qan??ir al Khayr?yah (524 Km), Al ‘Ulá (531 Km), Shib?n al Qan??ir (532 Km), Masht?l as S?q (535 Km), Bilbays (538 Km), Toukh (539 Km), Ashm?n (540 Km), At Tall al Kab?r (547 Km), Ismailia (548 Km), Banh? (551 Km), Al B?j?r (552 Km), Al Qurayn (556 Km), Zagazig (557 Km), Min?f (559 Km), Al Qan?y?t (561 Km), Quwaysin? (563 Km), Hihy? (564 Km), Shib?n al Kawm (565 Km)

Major airlines operating at LXR

  • EgyptAir
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Flynas
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Air Cairo
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Monarch Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Corendon Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Qatar Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • AlMasria Universal Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Nesma Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • USA Jet Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Thomson Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Jazeera Airways
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LXR: best linked countries

  • Egypt
  • Eritrea
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Israel
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Turkey

LXR: best linked cities

  • London
  • Jeddah
  • Kuwait City
  • Cairo
  • Paris
  • Manchester
  • Asmara
  • Doha
  • Riyadh
  • Antalya