Airport profile: Incheon International

Incheon International is an airport located in Korea and identified by the IATA code ICN and the ICAO code RKSI. The airport is involved in 1121 fights covering 301 routes, of which 6 routes directed toward national destinations and 295 toward international destinations. The total number of airports connected by direct flights to the airport Incheon International is about 156. The routes from the airport are about 149 and the most frequent are directed to the following cities: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok, Osaka, Shanghai, Taipei, Cebu, Manila, Qingdao, Okinawa, Hanoi, Jinan, Fukuoka, Vladivostok, Shenzhen. The best-served countries by flights departing from the airport are: United Arab Emirates, Austria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, China, Czech Republic, Germany. The major airlines companies that operate at the airport are: Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Jin Air, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, T way Air, Air China. The longest flight departing from Incheon International connects it to the airport Hartsfield-jackson Atlanta International (A..., 11494 km away, while the shortest flight connects it to Daegu (Daegu), 263 km away. Next you will find some tables showing the most significant data about the airport, among which flight status (in certain cases even real-time departure / arrival information), airport map, information about parking and hotels near the airport, solutions for airport transfers (train, bus, tube, taxi, shuttle, underground). In the table "Airline Companies", click on the icons to discover all inbound and outbound flights from Incheon International or use the search form to discover all flights departing or arriving to the airport.

Incheon International
IATA Code:
ICAO Code:
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Flights (ICN):
1121 (arrivals: 564, departures: 557)
Routes (ICN):
301 (arrivals: 149, departures: 152)
Domestic routes:
6 (arrivals: 3, departures: 3)
International routes:
295 (arrivals: 146, departures: 149)
Other airports near Seoul (ICN):
Gimpo International [GMP] (31 Km), Seoul Ab [SSN] (58 Km), Cheongju [CJJ] (130 Km), WonJu [WJU] (132 Km), Gunsan [KUV] (175 Km), Yangyang [YNY] (202 Km), Seolak [SHO] (205 Km), Sunan International [FNJ] (206 Km), Gwangju [KWJ] (263 Km), Daegu [TAE] (263 Km)

Map of Seoul (ICN) airport:

Major cities near Seoul (ICN):
Incheon (22 Km), Bucheon-si (29 Km), Ganghwa-gun (31 Km), Ansan-si (36 Km), Kwangmy?ng (36 Km), Goyang-si (39 Km), Anyang-si (42 Km), Hwaseong-si (43 Km), Seoul (47 Km), Munsan (52 Km), Suwon-si (53 Km), Y?nan-?p (55 Km), Taesal-li (55 Km), Kaes?ng (56 Km), Uijeongbu-si (60 Km), Seongnam-si (60 Km), Guri-si (62 Km), Osan (65 Km), Tangjin (65 Km), Hanam (67 Km), Yangju (67 Km), Wabu (69 Km), Namyangju (69 Km), Kwangju (71 Km), Suisan (76 Km), Hwado (78 Km), Songwon (86 Km), Anseong (88 Km), Icheon-si (90 Km), Asan (90 Km), Haeju (90 Km), Yangp'y?ng (91 Km), Yesan (94 Km), Pubal (95 Km), Cheonan (96 Km), Hongsung (98 Km), Gapyeong (101 Km), Ayang-ni (104 Km), Yeoju (106 Km), Sinmak (107 Km), Ongjin (108 Km), Chinch'?n (111 Km), Chuncheon (121 Km), Taisen-ri (125 Km), Chaery?ng-?p (126 Km), Gongju (127 Km), Hongch’?n (128 Km), Sariw?n (130 Km), Cheongju-si (130 Km), Hwacheon (131 Km), W?nju (132 Km), Fuyo (138 Km), Koesan (139 Km), Anak (142 Km), Hwangju-?p (145 Km), Changy?n (147 Km), Nonsan (151 Km), Yanggu (152 Km), Daejeon (153 Km), H?kkyo-ri (158 Km), Songnim (159 Km), Y?nmu (159 Km), Okcheon (163 Km), Chunghwa (165 Km), Kunsan (167 Km), Namp’o (167 Km), Hoeyang (170 Km), S?ngho 1-tong (174 Km), Iksan (175 Km), Kosan (175 Km), Kinzan (177 Km), Neietsu (181 Km), Mungyeong (183 Km), Pyongyang (184 Km), Y?ng-dong (186 Km), Kangdong-?p (188 Km), Kimje (189 Km), Wanju (190 Km), Sangju (191 Km), Jeonju (193 Km)

Major airlines operating at ICN

  • Korean Air
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Asiana Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Jeju Air
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Jin Air
    Arrivals  Departures
  • China Southern Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • China Eastern Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • T way Air
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Air China
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Arcus-Air
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Eastar Jet
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Lufthansa
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Thai Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Aeroflot
    Arrivals  Departures
  • AirAsia Zest
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Philippine Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • United Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • CEBU Pacific Air
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Shandong Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Vietnam Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Turkish Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures

ICN: best linked countries

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • China
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany

ICN: best linked cities

  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo
  • Bangkok
  • Osaka
  • Shanghai
  • Taipei
  • Cebu
  • Manila
  • Qingdao
  • Okinawa