Airport profile: Abu Dhabi International

Abu Dhabi International is an airport located in United Arab Emirates and identified by the IATA code AUH and the ICAO code OMAA. The airport is involved in 546 fights covering 218 routes, of which 10 routes directed toward national destinations and 208 toward international destinations. The total number of airports connected by direct flights to the airport Abu Dhabi International is about 113. The routes from the airport are about 110 and the most frequent are directed to the following cities: Muscat, Islamabad, Lahore, Amsterdam, Kuwait City, Manama, Beirut, New Delhi, London, Kochi, Mumbai, Colombo, Trivandrum, Amman, Mahe Island. The best-served countries by flights departing from the airport are: United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bahrain, Brazil, Belarus, Canada. The major airlines companies that operate at the airport are: Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, Rotana Jet Aviation, Pakistan Int. Airlines, Air India Express, China Airlines, AirBlue, Shaheen Air International. The longest flight departing from Abu Dhabi International connects it to the airport Los Angeles International (Los Angeles), 13484 km away, while the shortest flight connects it to Dubai Al Maktoum (Dubai), 47 km away. Next you will find some tables showing the most significant data about the airport, among which flight status (in certain cases even real-time departure / arrival information), airport map, information about parking and hotels near the airport, solutions for airport transfers (train, bus, tube, taxi, shuttle, underground). In the table "Airline Companies", click on the icons to discover all inbound and outbound flights from Abu Dhabi International or use the search form to discover all flights departing or arriving to the airport.

Abu Dhabi International
IATA Code:
ICAO Code:
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Wikipedia page of Abu Dhabi International:
Flights (AUH):
546 (arrivals: 274, departures: 272)
Routes (AUH):
218 (arrivals: 110, departures: 108)
Domestic routes:
10 (arrivals: 5, departures: 5)
International routes:
208 (arrivals: 105, departures: 103)
Other airports near Abu Dhabi (AUH):
Dubai Al Maktoum [DWC] (47 Km), Al Ain [AAN] (98 Km), Dubai [DXB] (113 Km), Sharjah [SHJ] (132 Km), Ras Al Khaimah [RKT] (184 Km), Sir Bani Yas Island [XSB] (210 Km), Dalma Airport [ZDY] (234 Km), Bandar Lengeh [BDH] (236 Km), Khasab [KHS] (236 Km), Kish Island [KIH] (238 Km)

Map of Abu Dhabi (AUH) airport:

Major cities near Abu Dhabi (AUH):
Abu Dhabi (29 Km), Dubai (87 Km), Al Ain (115 Km), Al Buraym? (117 Km), Sharjah (126 Km), Ajman (134 Km), Umm al Qaywayn (155 Km), Adh Dhayd (156 Km), Shin?? (186 Km), Al Fujayrah (186 Km), Al Liw?’ (193 Km), Khawr Fakk?n (197 Km), Ar Ruways (197 Km), Ras al-Khaimah (199 Km), Dibba Al-Fujairah (207 Km), Dibba Al-Hisn (209 Km), Al Sohar (212 Km), Yanqul (214 Km), ?a?am (228 Km), ‘Ibr? (232 Km), Bandar-e Lengeh (237 Km), K?sh (244 Km), Kha?ab (251 Km), Al Kh?b?rah (252 Km), As Suwayq (290 Km), Rustaq (304 Km), Bahl?’ (314 Km), Al Wakrah (318 Km), Qeshm (323 Km), Doha (329 Km), Nizwá (337 Km), Bark?’ (338 Km), Ar Rayy?n (339 Km), Umm ?al?l Mu?ammad (345 Km), Al Khawr (345 Km), Bandar ‘Abb?s (346 Km), Izk? (358 Km), Ger?sh (362 Km), Suf?lat Sam?’il (363 Km), As S?b al Jad?dah (368 Km), Bidbid (371 Km), ?dam (371 Km), M?n?b (386 Km), Bawshar (392 Km), Muscat (410 Km), Ibr?’ (440 Km), Sitrah (447 Km), Ar Rif?‘ (452 Km), Al Muharraq (453 Km), Manama (454 Km), D?r Kulayb (454 Km), Mad?nat ‘?sá (455 Km), Mad?nat ?amad (456 Km), Jidd ?af? (457 Km), Bad?yah (477 Km), D?r?b (480 Km), Khobar (491 Km), Dhahran (500 Km), A? ?araf (507 Km), Dammam (507 Km), Fas? (510 Km), Al Munayzilah (513 Km), Sayh?t (515 Km), Al Ba???l?yah (517 Km), Al Qa??f (518 Km), T?r?t (520 Km), Al Mubarraz (522 Km), Al Huf?f (523 Km), Ra??mah (524 Km), Abqaiq (527 Km), Neyr?z (530 Km), ?afwá (531 Km), F?r?z?b?d (531 Km), ??r (538 Km), Akbar?b?d (566 Km), Sirjan (566 Km), Al Jubayl (576 Km), Ch?bah?r (611 Km), Shiraz (612 Km), Bandar-e B?shehr (630 Km)

Major airlines operating at AUH

  • Etihad Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Jet Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Rotana Jet Aviation
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Pakistan Int. Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Air India Express
    Arrivals  Departures
  • China Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • AirBlue
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Shaheen Air International
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Air Berlin
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Air Seychelles
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Alitalia
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Biman Bangladesh Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • British Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Singapore Airlines
    Arrivals  Departures
  • KLM
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Air India
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Kuwait Airways
    Arrivals  Departures
  • Yemenia
    Arrivals  Departures
    Arrivals  Departures

AUH: best linked countries

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Armenia
  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • Belgium
  • Bahrain
  • Brazil
  • Belarus
  • Canada

AUH: best linked cities

  • Muscat
  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Amsterdam
  • Kuwait City
  • Manama
  • Beirut
  • New Delhi
  • London
  • Kochi